Beverly Hills High School Minority Alumni Association, Inc.

minority grads include the student transfer or integration program, residents and children of district employees.  Membership is open to all BHHS alumni and their family and friends.

The website provides historical documents and photographs related to BHHS Integration Program from the 1970s not available anywhere else.  My Dad, Lyle Suter, now retired, was an art teacher and chairman of the BHHS art department and creator of the BHHS Multicultural Program that integrated BHHS.  He received local recognition during the civil rights era for the forty year program that ended in 2010.  My Mom and Dad were prolific at saving important papers and have much to share along with items I photograph from the Watchtowers.  There are music videos, sports records and heroes, color photos of 1970s school days and video of current events of interest to BHHS alumni.  I hope that you find the information interesting and that it fills in a part of your past that is missing.

For sports we have created a 1970s BHHS Hall of Fame with a big tent so we could include as many outstanding athletes and cheerleaders as possible and recognize the golden era of BHHS sports.  Our HOF includes anyone who made honorable mention all league or better, all members and cheerleaders of league championship teams and winners of varsity awards for Blanket, MVP and Most Improved.  Sports includes a music video of the 1970s, a power point presentation of some of the Hall of Famers, Maurice Hill’s 2010 induction into the BHAAA Hall of Fame, video of Steve Craig master of ceremonies at the 2009 BHAAA and the 2009 reunion basketball game of the 1971 8th Grade Beverly Hills All Stars.   A section of the website is dedicated to my father, Lyle Suter, MVP of the integration program, beloved teacher and professional artist.

The fun starts with my famous 1974 film “The Informer” that was made as a project for Mrs. Graham’s English Class and was shown in the planetarium due to popular demand.  All of my friends are in it plus the Century City towers as they were being constructed.  The informer features a sound track and my Dad’s voice to play a Walter Winchell character.  I think you will enjoy the music.  Next, check out “BT Stand up” at the 2009 Beverly Hills Athletic Association Hall of Fame where my close friend of 44 years, Bradley Turell, gives his comical perspective on his difficult relationship with our varsity basketball coach Dick Schreiber during his induction speech into the BHAAA HOF.  Mr. Suter took lots of photos of students from the 1970s and 1980s that I will release on the website the future.  .

Please complete the great BHHS Minority Grad survey and please let us know if you are interested in participating in a reunion event and golf tournament by signing up!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in person and communicating through the website.

Go Normans!


Michael V. Suter
President/Chief Executive Officer
Beverly Hills High School Minority Alumni Association, Inc.
BHHS Class of 1975